Total EU oilseeds area and production in MY 2018/19 is forecast slightly upward due to increasing acreage of all three major oilseeds (rapeseed, soybean and sunflower). Good weather supported oilseeds plantings, especially rapeseed where expanded acreage with higher yields is expected across the continent. Sunflower production is forecast lower compared to last year’s record high, despite increased area. High availability of sunflower and rapeseed meals should favor feed use of these two meals. Increasing competition from animal fats and recycled vegetable oils as feedstocks for biofuels and stagnant to declining biofuels production adds to increasing pressure on the rapeseed oil market. FAS would draw readers’ attention to a new section in this report detailing those pesticides which may be determined as hazardous and therefore banned in the EU.

EU-28: Oilseeds and Products Annual