Total European Union oilseeds area in MY 2017/18 is forecast to increase by about 1.5 percent to almost 12 million hectares. The uptick is explained by increasing areas of all three major oilseeds – rapeseed, sunflower and soybeans. The higher acreage, in combination with somewhat higher yields expectations for rapeseed, leads to a forecast of 32.4 MMT for total oilseeds. Except for winterkill effecting rapeseed plantings in some member states, planting and growing conditions for oilseeds have been favorable this year. Total EU-28 oilseeds meal consumption in MY 2017/18 is estimated to increase slightly year-on-year reaching 53.9 MMT. The growing EU poultry sector is driving demand for protein feed.

EU-28: Oilseeds and Products Annual