Livestock and Meats

USDA's latest official data on U.S. and global trade, production, consumption and stocks, as well as analysis of developments affecting world trade in meat and lifestock, can be found in the Livestock and Poultry: World Markets and Trade report.

Data & Analysis

November 25, 2014
The Agricultural Trade Office (ATO) in Tokyo created a special video using the theme “Enjoy! American BBQ”. The 3 minute video aired on Foodies TV 50 times over a three month period.
November 3, 2014
Primorye Farmers to Get 2.5 Billion Rubles… Agribusiness of Khabarovsk Krai to Demonstrate a Positive Trend…Khabarovsk Food Processing Industry to Increase Growth in Output...
October 31, 2014
This is an evaluation report on the beef, distilled spirits, dried fruits and nuts tasting event organized in Bucharest on September 10th, 2014.
October 28, 2014
In its efforts to bring down the cost of imported food, the Chief Rabbinate of the State of Israel (CR) is looking to increase the supply of imported kosher meat.