Processed Food Products

U.S. Processed Food Products Exports in 2022

Total Export Value
$38 Billion
Total Volume (Millions)
11 Metric Tons
3-Year Average
$34.17 Billion
Compound Average Growth
2.5% (2013-2022)

Top 10 Markets for Processed Food Products in 2022

Market Total Value (USD)
Canada $11.43 Billion
Mexico $5.65 Billion
European Union $2.09 Billion
Japan $2.05 Billion
South Korea $1.87 Billion
China $1.64 Billion
Philippines $1.02 Billion
Australia $907.94 Million
United Kingdom $739.37 Million
Taiwan $670.04 Million
Top 10 Processed Food Products Export Markets 2013 - 2022
Annual Processed Food Products Exports 2013 - 2022

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Data and Analysis

Attaché Report (GAIN)

China: Dairy and Products Semi-annual

Improved production efficiency and a larger cattle inventory are expected to increase China’s raw milk production by four percent, to over 42 million metric tons (MMT), in 2023.
Attaché Report (GAIN)

European Union: Dairy and Products Semi-annual

EU environmental restrictions and elevated input costs are depressing milk production in 27 European Union Member States (EU27). Additionally, the increase in cow productivity can no longer compensate for the decline in the EU27 dairy cow herd.
Attaché Report (GAIN)

Mexico: Dairy and Products Semi-annual

Post forecasts both rising dairy imports and production in 2023, due to a favorable exchange rate and increased domestic demand for dairy products.

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