U.S. Trade with Japan in 2021

Export Market Rank
#4 Among U.S. Agricultural Export Markets
Total Export Value
$15.56 Billion
3-Year Average
$13.94 Billion
Compound Average Growth
0.04% (2012-2021)
Total Export Value 2012 - 2021
Export Value by Commodity 2021

Top 10 Exports to Japan in 2021

Commodity Total Value (USD) Total Volume (Metric Tons) 10-Year Average Value (USD) 10-Year Growth
Corn $3.19 Billion 11.58 Million $2.36 Billion 7%
Beef & Beef Products $2.36 Billion 318,336 $1.7 Billion 129%
Pork & Pork Products $1.69 Billion 394,175 $1.7 Billion -15%
Soybeans $1.35 Billion 2.39 Million $1.05 Billion 20%
Wheat $702.19 Million 2.23 Million $774.95 Million -35%
Fish and Seafood $682.69 Million 173,374 $746.04 Million -12%
Forest Products $677.33 Million --- $724.36 Million -7%
Hay $512.76 Million 1.43 Million $464.15 Million -7%
Processed Vegetables $479.1 Million 392,985 $497.95 Million -14%
Tree Nuts $437.61 Million 76,442 $397.31 Million 50%

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The Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry (METI) proposed default greenhouse gas (GHG) emission values for biomass feedstock eligible for the feed-in tariff and feed-in premium (FIT/FIP) programs for power generation.
Japan’s Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries (MAFF) proposed 15 new geographical indications (GIs) for EU food products, including cheese, sausage, olive oil, vinegar, fruits and garlic. MAFF will accept public comments on the proposal through April 12, 2023.
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Japan: Retail Market in Western Japan

Eleven of Japan’s top 25 food and beverage retailers are headquartered in western Japan. These regional retailers have deep community roots and are known for tailoring their product offerings to meet local preferences. This report describes the...


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January 30, 2023
Export Sales Announcement

Export Sales to Japan

Private exporters reported sales of 112,000 metric tons of corn for delivery to Japan during the 2022/2023 marketing year.
In honor of National Hot Sauce Day, USDA-FAS is celebrating a category of U.S. food exports that come in small packages but pack a lot of flavors and often heat – condiments and sauces. In 2021, the export of U.S.-made condiments and sauces was valued at $2 billion.
December 27, 2022
Export Sales Announcement

Export Sales to Japan

Private exporters reported sales of 177,500 MT of corn for delivery to Japan - 7,500 MT for delivery during MY 2022/2023 and 170,000 MT for delivery during MY 2023/2024.

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