Fresh Vegetables

U.S. Fresh Vegetables Exports in 2022

Total Export Value
$2.79 Billion
Total Volume (Millions)
2 Metric Tons
3-Year Average
$2.68 Billion
Compound Average Growth
1.5% (2013-2022)

Top 10 Markets for Fresh Vegetables in 2022

Market Total Value (USD)
Canada $2.09 Billion
Mexico $281.88 Million
European Union $72.12 Million
United Kingdom $50.23 Million
Taiwan $47.17 Million
Japan $44.61 Million
Bahamas, The $22.02 Million
South Korea $20.88 Million
Dominican Republic $16.52 Million
Cayman Islands $13.37 Million
Top 10 Fresh Vegetables Export Markets 2013 - 2022
Annual Fresh Vegetables Exports 2013 - 2022

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The 2022 U.S. Agricultural Export Yearbook provides a statistical summary of U.S. agricultural commodity exports to the world during the 2022 calendar year.
On April 21, the European Commission proposed to update the marketing standards of select agriculture products such as fresh fruit and vegetables, nuts, honey, juices, eggs and poultry.
Attaché Report (GAIN)

South Korea: 2022 Korea Potato Update

Korea’s 2022 potato production decreased by 9.5 percent to 510,000 MT. Domestic Korean potato production is expected to continue gradually declining in the coming years, which may create more opportunities for imported U.S. fresh (chipping and table) potatoes despite an annual tariff rate quota cap of 4,000 metric tons.

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May is World Trade Month, and USDA's Foreign Agricultural Service is marking the occasion by sharing some of the most recent facts and figures about U.S. agricultural trade.

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