Ecuador’s COMEX Resolution 011-2015 (March 6, 2015) will have a significant impact on U.S. consumer-oriented export products such as beef, pork, confectionary, and fresh fruits (including oranges and pears). Effective March 11, 2015, this measure impacts at least 461 food and agricultural product tariff lines. The resolution establishes a tariff surcharge of five percent to 45 percent for a period of 15 months on a wide range of goods. U.S. exports of consumer-oriented food products reached $79 million in calendar year (CY) 2014, representing 18 percent of the overall U.S. agricultural export trade with Ecuador. This measure can potentially transform Ecuador into mere bulk commodity (e.g., wheat and cotton) and intermediate goods (e.g., soybean meal) export destination.

Ecuador: Ecuador Announces Unilateral Safeguards on Food and Agricultural Products