In 2018, U.S. agricultural and related products exported to Belize reached a record $61.1 million. Top categories were snack foods (candies, non-chocolate confectionaries) at $8.2 million, wood products (lumber, mostly yellow pine) at $5.9 million, prepared food (soup broths, mixes, peanut butter) at $5.8 million, wheat at $4.7 million, and condiments and sauces (seasonings, tomato sauces) at $4.2 million. By far the largest category was consumer-oriented products. A number of traditionally strong U.S. agricultural products face high tariffs, such as corn (40 percent), rice (25 percent), apples and grapes (40 percent), and beef, pork and poultry (35 to 40 percent). However, there are many products that the U.S. exports that enter Belize duty-free or at very low duties, such as most dairy products, wheat, cotton and many processed foods. 

Belize: Belize Agricultural Brief