As part of its accession to the Eurasian Economic Union [1] (EAEU), Armenia has committed to eventually adopt the unified tariff schedule of the EAEU. This report contains an unofficial translation of the agriculture-related portion of Armenia’s EAEU import tariff commitments. Until 2022, Armenia will be able to apply customs duties that are different from the EAEU tariff rates for certain agricultural items (e.g., some meat and poultry items, dairy products, fruits and vegetables, tea, grains, starches, vegetable oils, margarine; some prepared food items, pet food, tobacco, glycerol, and gelatin). By 2022, all of the above-mentioned items, with the exception of some fresh and dried fruits, will see import tariff increases, with meat and poultry seeing the greatest change.
[1] Current members are Armenia, Belarus, Kazakhstan, and Russia.

Armenia: Transitional Import Tariffs for Armenia in EAEU until 2022