Philippines: Food Service - Hotel Restaurant Institutional

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With the further relaxation of COVID-19 restrictions, increased consumer mobility resulted in higher foot traffic in restaurants and hotels. Consumers have become more confident in dining in restaurants. Coming from a low base, key food service establishments remain optimistic about growing the food service industry by 12 percent despite supply chain disruptions and inflation. Last year, U.S. consumer-oriented agricultural exports to the Philippines ranked the highest in value in Southeast Asia. Post forecasts a 16 percent increase in U.S. consumer-oriented exports.

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Bangladesh: Cotton and Products Update

For marketing year (MY) 2022/23, Post forecasts cotton harvested area and production at 45 thousand hectares and 153 thousand bales, respectively. Post reduced Bangladesh’s cotton import forecast for MY 2022/23 to 8 million bales on high international raw cotton prices, reduced garment production due to a domestic power shortage, and the slowdown of the world economy.
The European Union’s (EU) complex and lengthy policy framework for biotechnology creates a challenging environment for research and limits access to innovative tools for EU farmers.
Attaché Report (GAIN)

Indonesia: Oilseeds and Products Update

On larger than expected production loss related Indonesia’s palm oil export ban policy, Post revises down Indonesia palm oil production to 44.7 million ton (MMT) for 2022/23 and updates 2021/22 production to 43.2 MMT. Soybean imports for 2022/23 are forecast at 2.6 MMT on continued demand from tofu and tempeh producers.