European Union: Livestock and Products Semi-annual

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Both EU beef and pork production are forecast to decline in 2022. The lower domestic beef production is caused by a shrinking dairy herd with higher milk deliveries but a lower output of animals for slaughter. Whereas the contraction of the beef cow herd is based on structural unprofitability of the sector. The recent price hike is not expected to curb the trend of declining beef production. It is anticipated that only a sustained and structural price increase for beef and dairy products or financial support can change the overall trend of a contracting herd. EU pork production is forecast to fall based on slowing Chinese demand combined with rising feed costs. Despite this, due to stock building during 2021, the EU is anticipated to be able to maintain (or even increase) its pork export levels in 2022.

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Turkiye: Poultry and Products Annual

Since the beginning of 2023, the Turkish Lira (TL) has weakened by around 20 percent against the U.S. dollar. Despite the economic turmoil, demand for chicken meat is relatively stable, even with expected increased poultry market prices in correlation with increasing inflation.
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Philippines: Sugar Semi-annual

FAS Manila adjusts marketing year (MY) 2024 raw sugar production down to 1.8 million metric tons, 100,000 metric tons (MT) below USDA Official. Declining sugarcane planting areas and weather disturbances including the ongoing El Niño are expected to affect sugar production.
This is an update to a voluntary GAIN report KS2023-0013, Korea's Positive List System for Veterinary Drugs. Information on MRL violations and MRL changes has been added.