U.S. Trade with Nepal in 2021

Export Market Rank
#82 Among U.S. Agricultural Export Markets
Total Export Value
$67.83 Million
3-Year Average
$66.01 Million
Compound Average Growth
31.3% (2012-2021)
Total Export Value 2012 - 2021
Export Value by Commodity 2021

Top 10 Exports to Nepal in 2021

Commodity Total Value (USD) Total Volume (Metric Tons) 10-Year Average Value (USD) 10-Year Growth
Soybeans $25.65 Million 44,843 $22.74 Million ---
Soybean Meal $20.78 Million 38,698 $10.21 Million ---
Tree Nuts $5.83 Million 1,220 $1.41 Million 6194%
Other Feeds, Meals & Fodders $3.76 Million 6,797 $821,564 904%
Planting Seeds $3.72 Million 5,863 $547,930 17609%
Pulses $2.46 Million 4,005 $1.05 Million ---
Rice $1.7 Million 3,074 $1.34 Million -14%
Live Animals $1.59 Million --- $659,031 ---
Vegetable Oils (ex. soybean) $771,987 523 $346,163 82%
Condiments & Sauces $365,322 141 $156,226 ---

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Data and Analysis

On January 1, 2021, the Government of Nepal’s (GON) Ministry of Industry, Commerce and Supplies (MOICS) applied a provision in the Foreign Investment and Technology Transfer Act 2019...
International Agricultural Trade Report

Opportunities for U.S. Agricultural Exports to Southern Asia

South Asia, which includes Afghanistan, Bangladesh, Bhutan, India, Maldives, Nepal, Pakistan, and Sri Lanka, accounts for 24 percent of the world’s population, with 1.84 billion people in 2019.
International Agricultural Trade Report

India Sees Surge in Agricultural Exports to Least Developed Countries

In recent years, India’s exports have demonstrated phenomenal growth – especially to developing countries, which now account for nearly 80 percent of Indian exports.

News and Features

For FY 2023, USDA anticipates awarding up to $224 million in new McGovern-Dole cooperative agreements. USDA has identified the following as priority countries for FY 2023: Cameroon, Haiti, Mozambique, Nepal, Nicaragua, Sri Lanka, and Togo.
FAS is awarding $300,000 to six U.S. universities – including three minority-serving institutions – for research and educational partnerships focused on climate-smart agriculture in tropical countries.
The United Nations World Food Programme will distribute three million nutritionally fortified cereal bars in Nepal to help support people left without food in the aftermath of the recent earthquake. The high-energy biscuits were provided with the...

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