Renewing Your Official or Diplomatic Passport

If your passport has expired, or if you are requiring a renewal passport, you should complete the DS-82 Passport Request Form.

FAS Employees
FAS employees and Travel Arrangers must use the International Passport and Visa Request System (IPATTS). FAS employees can refer to the PDF iconHow to Guide to obtain a Passport and/or Visa to help navigate the IPATTS system. For those FAS employees located within the DC Metro area, ITS will take photos for you during the appointment to send along with your passport application.

Non-FAS Employees
If you are not a FAS employee, you should work with your Agency Travel Coordinator who must submit an electronic or hard copy PDF iconAD-121 form to ITS (Room 1069 South Building, Washington, DC or on your behalf. If you are not an FAS employee you must provide two passport photos to your Agency Travel Coordinator when you submit your Passport Request Form.

The traveler is responsible for completing either the DS-11 or DS-82 Passport Request Form and providing the additional required documentation to their Agency Travel Coordinator or Travel Arranger (for FAS employees). Refer to the respective forms for further information regarding eligibility and required additional documentation.

Once you have completed the form you must make an appointment to take an oath. If you are located in the Washington, DC area, ITS will contact you to make an appointment for you to take an oath as required by the Department of State.

If you are out of the Washington, DC area, your Agency Travel Coordinator or Travel Arranger will obtain a signed AD-121 from ITS and send to you. When you have received the signed AD-121, you must find an Official Agent who will administer the oath. Once the Passport Request Form has been signed and the oath taken, you must mail your documents to ITS so that they can process your passport request with the Department of State.

The passport will arrive to ITS or your Agency Travel Coordinator when the Department of State has processed it. If you are out of the Washington, DC area your passport will be mailed to you.

If you have any questions, contact your Travel Arranger or ITS for more information.


 Note:In compliance with Departmental Manual-2300-1 Appendix A. International Travel Procedures, passports that have expired are removed (within 5 days after expiration) from the ITS files and sent to the Passport Office for destruction.

Every month, ITS provides each Agency Travel Coordinator a list of passports that will be expiring within the next seven months. This provides each agency sufficient time to request the re-issuance of an agency's employee passport.

ITS will delete Passport and Visa records for employees whose passports are expired,