Obtain or Renew a Passport

The International Travel Section (ITS) is the Department of State’s designated USDA Control point for all Official and Diplomatic passports issued to USDA employees and is the USDA’s recognized control point for both acquiring passports and visas for USDA employees. ITS manages over 6000 passports and processes 400 to 600 passport and visa cases monthly.

Before obtaining an Official or Diplomatic Passport, please review the official policy on the Proper Use of Passports.

Obtain an Official or Diplomatic Passport

If you know you will be traveling officially for the USDA, you must have an official or diplomatic passport. If you have never had a passport, or your last passport was issued before the age of 16, please click here for the proper forms and procedures.

Renew a Passport

If your passport is expiring within the next seven months, you must submit a request for a renewal passport. Many embassies will not grant you a visa if your passport is not valid for the next six months. If your passport has expired or if you are requiring a renewal passport, please click here for the proper forms and procedures

Add Pages to an Existing Passport

Passport pages are the pages that allow a customs official to stamp a passport. Some countries have guidelines requiring the number of pages that are available. For those who travel frequently having enough pages can be an issue. If there are only four pages left in your passport you must submit a DS-4085 form requesting additional passport pages to be added to your passport.

Processing Times

Processing times only start once we have a complete and accurate application and passport photos.

Passports Applications
Passport renewal
15 business days
Request new passport
(within Washington, D.C.)
30 business days 
Request new passport
(outside of Washington, D.C.)
45 business days

Processing times may change depending on the volume of applications received and are not guaranteed. Complexity of routine verifications and security checks may lead to longer processing times.