Databases and Applications

FAS Open Data Services

API portal provides users the ability to obtain programmatic access to publicly available agricultural commodity data.


India, the world’s largest rice exporter, disrupted global rice markets by banning white rice exports in July 2023, before placing an export tax on parboiled rice exports in August 2023.
The production of biomass-based diesel (BBD) is expanding globally, driven by policies mandating and incentivizing its use as an alternative to petroleum-based diesel. BBD policies tend to support rural economies, lower greenhouse gas emissions in transportation, and improve air quality.
Trade Spotlight

Rapid Growth for U.S. Pet Food Exports to China

U.S. dog and cat food exports to China reached a record $264 million in 2022, with China becoming the second-largest U.S. export market.

Geospatial Assessment Data

An assessment of global agricultural production and the conditions affecting food security around the world.

Regional analysts use remote sensing and Geographic Information Systems (GIS) to collect market intelligence and analyze near real-time satellite imagery data to estimate global production.

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