United Arab Emirates: Grain and Feed Annual

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UAE’s overall economic recovery will boost consumption and imports of grain and feed in MY 2022/23. The Ukraine conflict and other factors contributing to high commodity prices and food security may put downward pressure on UAE consumption in MY 2021/22. This will mainly include all wheat-based commodities and animal products due to price increases in corn and fertilizers. The Ukraine conflict should provide opportunities for U.S. wheat and corn exports to the UAE. Post forecasts UAE all wheat imports in MY 2022/23 to increase by 6 percent or 100,000 MT to reach 1.8 MMT. Rice Imports are forecast to increase by 11 percent or 100,000 MT to reach 1.0 MMT. Corn imports are forecast to increase by roughly 17 percent or 100,000 MT to reach 700,000 MT. UAE barley imports in MY 2022/23 are forecast to increase by 4 percent or 20,000 MT to reach 520,000 MT.

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Attaché Report (GAIN)

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