Philippines: Livestock and Poultry Update

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FAS Manila estimates beef production to increase slightly to185,000 MT for 2023 because of efforts of commercial farms to increase production. Beef imports are expected to increase slightly to 260,000 MT in line with population growth. FAS Manila estimates 2023 pork production to be at 975,000 MT because of the latest African Swine Fever (ASF) outbreaks in Cebu, a major supplier to Metro Manila, and Maguindanao del Sur. Pork imports, meanwhile, are estimated to be down to 525,000 MT because of high pork prices in the international market and lower demand. FAS Manila estimates 2023 chicken production to increase to almost 1.48 million MT while the 2023 chicken imports forecast is expected to increase to 520,000 MT based on increasing demand (especially with ASF cases in pigs and bird flu in layers).

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