Japan: Dairy and Products Annual

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Fluid milk production should increase about one percent in 2022 as a greater number of heifers enter milk production. Meanwhile, weak demand for dairy products in the hotel, restaurant and institutional food sector (HRI) will push surplus drinking milk toward further processing into butter, non-fat dry milk, and cheese, for which ending stocks will finish higher in 2021. In turn, imports of butter and NFDM will fall or remain flat through 2022, at which point the easing of COVID-19 travel restrictions should release pent-up demand and require the gradual increase in imports.

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The Philippines is the ninth largest market for U.S. agricultural exports and the largest destination for U.S. consumer-oriented products in Southeast Asia. The United States is the largest single-country supplier of agricultural products, although ASEAN countries benefit from lower tariffs and have more market share as a group.
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Hong Kong is the ninth largest importer of baked goods in the world, with imports valued at $870 million. Major import categories included pastries, bread, and cakes. For the first ten months of 2021, Hong Kong imports of baked goods were $721 million, a modest increase of 1.61 percent over the same period in 2020.
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This year's report does not contain significant changes from last year's report. Chile continues allowing the reproduction of seeds under strict control of the Agricultural and Livestock Service of the Ministry of Agriculture.