Chile: Tree Nuts Annual

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Post estimates 152,000 MT of walnut production for MY2021/22, a 2.7 percent increase over MY2020/21 following an increase in planted area. Walnut exports are estimated at 150,000 MT in-shell basis, which represents a 3.4 percent increase over MY2020/21. Export estimates assume resolution of the logistical problems and delays observed in MY2020/21. For MY2021/22, Post projects that almond production will total 9,700 MT, a 3.0 percent decrease over MY2020/21, assuming unchanged planted area and relatively lower productivity due to drought. The United States remains Chile’s top supplier of almonds. In MY2021/22, almond consumption will rebound and reach 7,900 MT due to the recovery of the Chilean economy which will increase consumer demand for almonds.

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