Chile: Grain and Feed Annual

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For marketing year (MY) 2021/22, Post forecasts 230,000 hectares (ha) of wheat planted area totaling 1.4 million metric tons (MMT) of wheat production, which represents a 2.56 percent increase over MY2020/21 due to high price expectations. Wheat consumption is projected to reach 2.83 MMT and stocks are revised down to 306,000 MT to cover domestic consumption. Wheat imports will total 1.4 MMT. For MY 2021/22, Post forecasts 660,000 MT of corn production, a 3.64 percent decrease from MY2020/21, considering planted area will total 65,000 ha and assuming lower yields due to persistent droughts. Total consumption will reach 3.52 MMT and imports are projected to reach 2.885 MMT, pushed by increased demand for animal feed.

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