Bosnia and Herzegovina: Grain Update

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Office of Agricultural Affairs, Sarajevo   |   (011-387-61) 184-755

Farmers in Bosnia and Herzegovina (BiH) are expected to plant MY 2021/2022 corn on 200,000 hectares with an expected production of 1.2 million metric tons. Last year’s corn area was 200,544 hectares, with corn yield in some areas reaching a record level of 10 to 12 metric tons per hectare. With an average yield of 7.1 tons per hectare, corn production totaled 1.43 million metric tons. MY2021/2022 wheat was planted last autumn on 65,350 hectares (a seven percent decline from the previous season), with excellent weather conditions leading to expected production of 274,470 metric tons. BiH depends on grain imports and annually imports about 350,000 metric tons of wheat and 200,000 metric tons of corn. Main suppliers of wheat and corn to BiH are Hungary, Serbia, and Croatia.

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