Virtual Trade Events

To support U.S. agribusiness in today’s ever-changing trade environment, FAS is expanding its trade promotion activities to include virtual trade events.
Virtual trade events help U.S. companies, especially those new to the export market, expand their reach to potential customers around the globe. By providing a user-friendly virtual platform to showcase U.S. food and farm products, we're enabling U.S. exporters to engage directly with potential foreign buyers, forging partnerships and generating sales.
August 25-27, 2020 China Pet food U.S. Pet Food: Indulge Your Furry Kids
October 1, 2020 South America (Argentina, Brazil, Chile, Colombia) Natural and healthy food products North-South Food Link
December 8-9, 2020 Japan Natural and healthy food products Japan: Health and Wellness Shokuhin
January 12-14, 2021 Arabian Gulf (Bahrain, Kuwait, Oman, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, United Arab Emirates) Confectionery and snack products Gargee’an Gulf
January 26-28, 2021 China Bakery ingredients A Recipe for Success
February 2-4, 2021 South Asia (Bangladesh, Burma, India, Nepal, Sri Lanka)
Dairy products, prepared foods, tree nuts, natural and healthy foods, vegan/vegetarian, non-alcoholic beverages
South Asia Rising
March 23-24, 2021 Ghana, Kenya, Nigeria, South Africa Processed products, food ingredients, wine, spirits, craft beers U.S. Sips and Snacks in Sub-Saharan Africa
April 20-21, 2021 Costa Rica, Dominican Republic, Guatemala, Panama Confectionery and snack products Trendy Markets for U.S. Sweets & Snacks
May 25-26 2021 Egypt, Algeria Food and beverage ingredients and additives, dairy products, tree nuts, legumes U.S. Food Ingredients: Recipe for Success

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Data & Analysis

March 11, 2021
“Sips” (such as wine, beer, and spirits) and snacks (including potato chips, baked foods, fruit and nut mixes, and peanuts/peanut butter) are growing segments of sub-Saharan Africa’s...
January 27, 2021
This report provides information to U.S. exporters of agricultural and related products on how to do business in Chile.
January 25, 2021
Two key free trade agreements – the Dominican Republic-Central America Free Trade Agreement (or CAFTA-DR) and the U.S.-Panama Trade Promotion Agreement – have stimulated U.S. agricultural exports...
January 25, 2021
The Food and Agricultural Import Regulations and Standards (FAIRS) report provides an overview of the food laws and regulatory environment in Algeria as it relates to food and agricultural exports.