El Salvador

U.S. farm and food exports to El Salvador were valued at $467 million in fiscal year 2013. U.S. agricultural exports to El Salvador doubled between 2006, when the CAFTA-DR agreement went into effect there, and 2012. However, exports tapered off somewhat in 2013, mainly due to a decline in corn exports.

The United States works with El Salvador both bilaterally and through CAFTA-DR to promote mutually beneficial trade and investment.FAS provides technical assistance to El Salvador in through several programs including the Cochran and Borlaug fellowship programs and Food for Progress.

Data & Analysis

May 18, 2017
El Salvador’s coffee production is expected to increase to 599,000 sixty-kg bags in 2016/17 (October-September).
May 1, 2017
El Salvador's sugarcane planted area in MY2017 (Nov 2016-Oct 2017) remains the same as in MY2016 reaching approximately 82,000 hectares (ha).
February 7, 2017
U.S. consumer-oriented food imports continue to rise in El Salvador, increasing 8.4 percent between 2014 and 2015. This represents a new record in sales of $162 million for 2015.
January 25, 2017
Review of El Salvador’s Food and Agriculture Import Regulations and Standards.