The QSP enables potential customers around the world to discover the quality and benefits of U.S. agricultural products. The program focuses on processors and manufacturers rather than consumers, and QSP projects should benefit an entire industry or commodity rather than a specific company or product. Projects should focus on developing a new market or promoting a new use for the U.S. product.

QSP participants obtain commodity samples, export them and provide the recipient with guidance on how to use the samples. When a project is finished, USDA reimburses the participant for the costs of procuring and transporting the sample. Although all program participants are required to provide technical assistance to the recipients of their commodity samples, the costs for this assistance are not reimbursable.

Any U.S. private or government entity with an interest in exporting U.S. agricultural products may apply to the program. Each year, FAS announces the QSP application period and criteria in the Federal Register. Applicants submit QSP proposals through the Unified Export Strategy (UES) process, which allows eligible organizations to request funding from multiple USDA market development programs through a single, strategically coordinated proposal.


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