Post-Trip Requirements

Return Passport

You must return your passport to the International Travel Section (ITS) within 5 working days after completion of trip for which it was used. This is necessary to prevent loss and to expedite the process for your next trip. 

In compliance with 22 CFR 51.9, "A passport shall at all times remain the property of the U.S. Government and shall be returned to the Government upon demand." In order to maintain continuous accountability of the "Official and Diplomatic" passports, the Department of Agriculture regulations, DM 2300-1 301-18.4 (j) (1), demands that the passports be returned to the International Travel Section in the Foreign Agricultural Service.

All USDA employees returning from an overseas trip should either return their passport to the International Travel Section (ITS) office (room 1069) in person, to a designated staff member or your Agency Travel Coordinator. DO NOT return passports via a chain messenger envelope or any mail envelope as these are Government accountable documents. Recently, several passports reported to have been returned to ITS via the mail system have not been received.

Voucher Out

You must complete the required expense vouchering in GovTrip―upload receipts. Follow the instructions provided in the following guide on Traveler Instructions to Create a Voucher From Authorization.

NOTE: Each agency has other important responsibilities to complete upon returning from a trip, such as Field Trip Reports, Actual Subsistence reporting, etc. Please check with your Agency Travel Coordinator or Travel Arranger for details on agency specific requirements.