GovTrip Travel Authorization

All travel itineraries must be prepared and authorized using GovTrip.

Once you have determined a trip purpose, dates, location, and received verbal approval from your approving officials you or your Agency Travel Coordinator or Travel Arranger may begin the PDF iconGovTrip Travel Authorization process.

It is imperative that you comply with PDF iconFederal Regulations and PDF iconAgricultural Travel Regulations when creating your itinerary, including special rules for Premium Class travel, non-contract and non-American (Foreign Flag) carriers. Visit the Regulations webpage for more information and a list of major regulatory compliance Do’s & Don’ts for international travel.

GovTrip can be accessed via the Internet at (PDF iconDirections to Enable Popups)

PDF iconGovTrip Homepage: Directions How to Change Edition of Homepage

GovTrip Manual

PDF iconGovTrip Purpose of Travel

GovTrip Web-Based Training


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