Obtain a Visa

As soon as you know you will be traveling internationally, search visa requirements to learn if a visa is needed and the forms and other supporting documentation required for your length of stay. If a visa is not required, you must still submit a request to pick-up your Official Passport from the International Travel Section (ITS).

FAS Employees
FAS employees and Travel Arrangers must submit the visa request via the International Passport and Visa Request System (IPATTS). FAS employees can refer to the  howtoguidetoobtainapaspportorvisa.pdf  to help navigate the IPATTS system. NOTE: GovTrip does not notify ITS of passport and visa requests. You must use the IPATTS system for any international trip even if a visa is not required and you are just picking up a passport.

Non-FAS Employees
If you are not a FAS employee, you must notify your Agency Travel Coordinator, who will submit your visa request to the International Travel Section (ITS) and inform you of any agency specific international travel requirements. Your Agency Travel Coordinator may have you fill out a visa form per embassy requirements.

Visa Requirements

We have provided a series of search options to find out about visa requirements, and to get general embassy information for the country you intend to visit. Click here to learn about the Visa requirement of the country you will be visiting

Visa Application Forms

A complete listing of necessary Visa forms arranged alphabetically by country.  All files are in fillable .pdf format unless otherwise noted. Please click here to find the necessary forms for your visit

Processing Times

In general, the processing periods for visa requests are as follows:

  • To obtain 1 to 3 visas, allow 5 to 10 working days prior to departure after your passport is made available to ITS.
  • If you require more than 3 visas, add 2 working days for each additional visa.
  • Countries such as China, Russia and Vietnam require from 7 to 20 working days to issue a visa, depending upon the purpose of the trip. This is in addition to the time required by ITS.

If you need to renew or obtain a new passport, add an additional 15 working days to the processing periods listed above.