Obtain a Country Clearance

It is the responsibility of the traveler or travel arranger/coordinator to obtain Country Clearance via State Department's Electronic Country Clearance System (eCC). Certain Agencies restrict electronic country clearance submission to Agency Travel Coordinators. Be sure to know your Agency's policies before entering the system.

You CANNOT travel without an approved eCC from the Post. Prior to starting the eCC process, you must have in your possession an approved travel itinerary in order to complete the required steps of submitting the eCC. Also, the International Travel Section (ITS) may require you to show your approved Country Clearance for countries with special conditions.

Please use the following directions to obtain an eCC:

  1. Visit the State Department eCC website at https://ecc.state.gov/security/EccLogin.aspx.
  2. Establish a password, if authorized to do so by your agency/division.
  3. Login to the system using your username and password.
  4. You'll be redirected to a homepage which will provide you with updated information on travel circumstances (example: "Travel to North Korea is not allowed at this time").
  5. Click on the specified country to see any requirements and directions for submitting an eCC for that country. If you are preparing the eCC on behalf of your traveler, you need to send them a copy of the specified country's information. The traveler should carry a hardcopy with them when traveling. Read country requirements carefully. It tells you where to submit the clearance request, if you are traveling to a consul district.
  6. Look at the "procedures and information" for any specifics about the country. This will tell you of any further requirements or information for the country (including: tax, security, embassies, currency, climate, health concerns, holidays, etc).
  7. Click on "create new itinerary", then click to "add this country to my itinerary". Add all the countries that the traveler is visiting on the specified trip. Once all of the relevant countries are added, click "continue".

    If you are submitting an eCC for a traveler for whom you've submitted prior eCC's, you can click on "my itineraries," type in the last name of the traveler and click on "search submitted itineraries." All of the itineraries for the individual will appear. Click on the most recent itinerary and you can extract the traveler's information. Make sure there are no changes in the traveler's information.
  8. Add your traveler information on the next screen. For FAS travelers, the individual must be in the IFCRS system for you to proceed. IFCRS provides FAS with detailed financial data and management reports and allows for the Agency to confirm your employment. If you are a FAS employee and are not in the IFCRS system, contact your program area supervisor.
  9. Add the security verification details: You MUST include detailed, verified information from the Department Security Office or the FAS Security Office.
  10. Save the information. If the person is traveling with a group, add comments to the group information, for example, "John Smith is traveling with the APHIS Group for a special presentation on the World Summit Conference in France."
  11. Once you've entered all information, click "continue".
  12. You will be directed to a new page where you enter the flight information for the traveler. Using the traveler's itinerary fill out the required fields including: carrier information, departure date, arrival date, times, and any other requested information.
  13. Save the information, if there are multiple travel destinations on the trip or layovers, add all carrier information you have.
  14. Save the information and click "continue".
  15. You will be asked on the next page to add the purpose of the trip. Make sure you are thorough as the post will review this information carefully. Include names/positions of policy level officials you will meet with if unknown to post. Add your clearance information, the post information, and the agency section (the name of the agency/place you are going in the country).
  16. Add a point of contact, emergency contacts information (both in office and personal) and any other required fields.
  17. Save and continue. You will now be asked a few additional questions. Answer the questions based on the itinerary and travel authorization. (Example questions: Do you need transportation from the airport? Do you need assistance in carrying your bags? Etc.)
  18. You will now be asked the "fiscal data" for your trip which is the accounting code information. Fill out this field. Save the data and click "next".
  19. On the following page you will be asked for your hotel information (including address, telephone number, duration of stay, etc). Fill out all information, click "next".
  20. You will be redirected to a summary page where you can review all the information you've filled out thus far. Carefully review and verify all fields are filled out with accurate information.
  21. When ready, clear the request through any other officials, if required by your supervisor.
  22. Submit the request and make sure you send a copy to your supervisor, administrative assistant or main contact in your program area. If you are preparing the eCC for a traveler, you should copy the traveler.

You will get an email stating whether the country clearance has been approved, denied or more information is needed. Make sure that the traveler is carrying an approved copy of their country clearance upon departing for their trip. In certain cases, the International Travel Section (ITS) may request a copy of the eCC before releasing the passport.