Uruguay: Oilseeds and Products Annual

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For marketing year (MY) 2022/23 Post projects continued expansion of soybean planted acreage to 1.225 million hectares (HA) and production of 2.8 million metric tons (MMT). Growth in area has been slower than anticipated due to strong competition by cattle and dairy producers for marginal land and less foreign investment than in the 2008-2014 expansionary period. MY 2021/22 yields are exceeding expectations due to well-timed rains, in contrast to the dry conditions that have plagued Uruguay’s neighbors. Post estimates MY 2021/22 production at 2.95 MMT, 930,000 MT above the USDA official estimate, based on both higher estimated planted area and yields. Rapeseed has rapidly emerged as a key winter oilseed in recent years with MY 2022/23 planted acreage projected at 205,000 HA and production of 316,000 MT.

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