Morocco: Grain and Feed Annual

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The 2022 crop season in Morocco is progressing under difficult conditions. Dry and hot weather during January and February has driven production to record lows, especially in southern Morocco. Post forecasts MY2022/23 production at 1.5 MMT for common wheat, 0.7 MMT for durum wheat, and 0.6 MMT for barley. Low production for MY 2022/23 is expected to result in higher import demand of 6 MMT total wheat and 0.5 MMT barley.

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Guatemala: Retail Foods

Supermarkets, hypermarkets, and independent food stores, continue expanding in Guatemala; imports of U.S. consumer-oriented products have continued to grow and in 2021, the value of these products reported a record year of $637 million.
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Despite COVID-19's widespread impacts on Vietnam for most of 2021, total retail sales were estimated at approximately $172 billion, marginally up 0.2 percent over 2020, according to Vietnam’s General Statistical Office (GSO). The fourth and largest wave of COVID-19 started on April 29, 2021, and rapidly spread across Vietnam, severely affecting all industries, including the retail food sector.
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According to the Department of Statistics, Malaysia’s food and beverage sales contributed 11.8 percent ($1.7 billion) to total wholesale sales value of $14 billion for January-April 2022, with a growth of 11.5 percent over the same period last year. The country’s food retailers continue to rapidly develop, and premium grocery stores and convenience outlets are increasingly popular.