Australia: Grain and Feed Update

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Australia is set for a second consecutive record grain crop following two years of drought. For the winter crops, wheat production is estimated to have reached another record in marketing year (MY) 2021/22 and barley production is expected to be the third largest in history, just slightly behind the previous year. With strong world demand for wheat and feed grains, wheat exports are set to reach a new high, and barley exports are anticipated to be the second largest on record. For the summer crops, sorghum production in MY 2021/22 is forecast to be the highest since MY 2014/15, and rice is forecast for a 74-percent boost in production. Good soil moisture profiles at the point of planting and continued above-average rainfalls have supported strong yield expectations for sorghum. Above-average rains have also enabled much improved irrigation water allocations for rice production.

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Kenya: Coffee Annual

Kenya’s MY2022/23 coffee production is forecast to decrease by 10 percent to 700,000 bags due to lower yields caused by reduced fertilizer application. MY 2022/23 area planted is anticipated to remain flat at 105,000 hectares as new plantings are curtailed by a shortage of coffee seeds.
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New Zealand: Dairy and Products Semi-annual

New Zealand milk production is forecast to fall in 2022 as a result of continued dry conditions in key producing areas, high feed prices, a smaller dairy herd, and continued labor shortages.
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El Salvador: Coffee Annual

El Salvador’s coffee production is expected to reach 639,000 sixty-kg bags in marketing year (MY) 2021/22. The Salvadoran coffee sector continues to struggle mainly due to low international prices, climate change, continued coffee leaf rust, and a lack of a long-term strategy that has hindered investment at the farm level. The MY2022/23 crop is forecast to slightly decrease to 619,000 sixty-kg bags.