Trade Policy Contacts

Asia-Pacific Sharynne Nenon 202-690-3412
Europe, Africa, Middle East Emel Lyons 202-720-1818
  Amy Freitas 202-251-1150
Western Hemisphere Chuck Bertsch 202-720-6278
  Kristin Sparding 202-401-0023
Animals and Animal Products Dawn Williams 202-690-1669
New Technologies and Production Methods (including Cloning) Maria Pool 202-720-8371
  Jennifer Lappin 202-720-0161
Plants (including Fruits and Vegetables, Grains and Oilseeds) Catherine Fulton 202-720-2461
Processed Food Products Karina Ramos 202-720-3736
  Amanda Hinkle 202-572-2005
International Organizations (APEC, CODEX, FAO, G-7, G-20, IICA, OECD, WHO) Aileen Mannix 202-720-6791
  Joe Hain 202-720-0930
World Trade Organization Aileen Mannix 202-720-6791
  Kristy Goodfellow 202-720-2748