Certificate of Free Sale Point of Contact List

A directory of contacts within State Departments of Agriculture who issue export certification documents such as Certificates of Free Sale. If you have questions or would like to be added to the list please send an email to PPTRD@fas.usda.gov

Alabama Scott Absher agcompliance@agi.alabama.gov (334) 240-7184 Alabama Department of Agriculture and Industries, Agricultural Compliance Section
Alaska Jeremy Ayers Jeremy.ayers@alaska.gov (907) 269-6288 Alaska Division of Environmental Health, Food Safety and Sanitation
Arizona ESD Licensing Section n/a (602) 542-0965 Arizona Department of Agriculture,  ESD Licensing Section 
Arkansas Phillip Fruechting adh.freesale@arkansas.gov (501) 661-2171 Arkansas Agriculture Department
California Animal Health and Food Safety Services, Milk and Dairy Food Safety Branch MDFScert@cdfa.ca.gov (916) 900-5008 California Department of Food and Agriculture, Milk & Dairy Food Safety Branch
California California Department of Public Health FDBExports@cdph.ca.gov (916) 650-6519 California Department of Public Health, Food and Drug Branch: Animal Food, Processed Foods
Colorado Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment cdphe.commentscpd@state.co.us (303) 869-9170 Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment; Food Manufacturing and Storage
Connecticut Rodrick J. Marriott DCP.DrugCertificateofFreeSale@ct.gov (860) 713-6100 Connecticut Department of Consumer Protection, Food and Standards
Delaware David Smith davidm.smith@state.de.us  (302) 698-4625 Delaware Department of Agriculture
Florida Division of Marketing and Development COFS@FreshFromFlorida.com (850) 617-7330 Florida Department of Agriculture and Consuer Services, Division of Marketing and Development
Georgia Kathy Holiday certificates-of-free-sale@agr.georgia.gov (404) 656-3621 Georgia Department of Agriculture, Food Safety Division
Hawaii Hawaii Department of Agriculture; Quality Assurance Division hdoa.info@hawaii.gov (808) 586-8000 Hawaii Department of Agriculture; Quality Assurance Division
Idaho Brock Cornell brock.cornell@isda.idaho.gov (208) 332-8530 Idaho State Department of Agriculture: all products except Dairy
Idaho Jeni Marple jeni.marple@isda.idaho.gov (208) 332-8540 Idaho State Department of Agriculture: Dairy
Illinois DPH Free Sale DPH.FreeSale@illinois.gov (217) 785-2439 Illinois Department of Public Health, Division of Food Drugs and Dairies; All food and dairy products (no meat)
Indiana Bret D. Marsh animalhealth@boah.in.gov (317) 544-2400 or (877) 747-3038 Indiana State Board of Animal Health, Dairy, Meat, Poultry, Animal Feeds or Feed Ingredients
Iowa Kathrryn Polking meatAndPoultry@iowaAgriculture.gov 515-281-3338 Iowa Department of Agriculture and Land Stewardship, Iowa Meat & Poultry Inspection Bureau: Meat and Poultry
Iowa Tanisha McGuire feedandfertilizer@iowaagriculture.gov (515) 281-8597 Iowa Department of Agriculture and Land Stewardship, Feed and Fertilizer
Kansas Lisa Tillotson lisa.tillotson@ks.gov (785) 564-6770 Kansas Department of Agriculture:  Processed Foods
Kansas Krista Moore krista.moore@ks.gov (785) 564-6776 Kansas Department of Agriculture; Dairy / Meat and Poultry
Kansas Judy Liu Judy.liu@ks.gov (785) 564-6686 Kansas Department of Agriculture; Feed, Agricultural Commodities Assurance Program: Feed
Kentucky  Jonathan Vanbalen jonathan.vanbalen@ky.gov (502) 573-2543 Kentucky Department of Agriculture, Office of the Commissioner of Agriculture:  Foods for Animal Consumption, Seed, Fertilizers
Kentucky  Sheri Freeman sheri.freeman@ky.gov (502) 564-7181 Kentucky Department for Public Health, Food Safety Branch: Foods for Human Consumption
Louisiana Brian Warren ldhwebinfo@la.gov (225) 342-9500 Louisana Department of Health; Milk and Dairy Control Program
Maine Sarah Scally sarah.h.scally@maine.gov (207) 287-3891 Department of Agriculture, Conservation and Forestry; Plant Health
Maine Michelle Newbegin michelle.newbegin@maine.gov (207) 287-3841 Department of Agriculture, Licensed Food Processors
Maryland Deanna Baldwin deanna.baldwin@maryland.gov (410) 841-5769 Maryland Department of Agriculture; eggs, poultry, fruits, vegetables, and grain
Maryland Tom Phillips tom.phillips@maryland.gov (410) 841-2721 State Chemist Office ; animal feed and pet food
Maryland Mary Jo Schreven maryjo.schreven@maryland.gov (410) 841-5770 Maryland Department of Health and Mental Hygiene – Processed Foods
Massachusetts Massachusetts Food Protection Program fpp.dph@state.ma.us (617) 983-6712 Massachusetts Department of Health and Human Services
Michigan Patricia Bizoukas BizoukasP@Michigan.gov (517) 284-5696 Food Products-Department of Agriculture and Rural Development: Food for Human Consumption including Dairy
Michigan April Hunt HuntA9@Michigan.gov (517) 241-2979 Animal Feed-Pesticide and Plant Pest Management Division
Minnesota Gary Gramm Free.Sale.Certs@state.mn.us (651) 201-6558 Minnesota Department of Agriculture
Mississippi Paige Manning paige@mdac.ms.gov (601) 359-1163 Mississippi Department of Agriculture and Commerce
Missouri Agriculture Business Development Division abd@mda.mo.gov (573) 751-4339 Agriculture Business Development; International Trade; Services to Missouri Exporters: Processed fods including dairy and meat
Montana Public Health and Safety Division hhsfcs@mt.gov (406) 444-2837 Department of Public Health and Human Services
Nebraska Mary Jackson agr.freesale@nebraska.gov (402) 471-2341 or (800) 831-0550 Department of Agriculture
Nevada Jeff Sutich Jssutich@agri.nv.gov (775)353-3627 Nevada Department of Agriculture; food and agriculture products
Nevada Paul Cohen pcohen@health.nv.gov (775) 687-7571 Department of Health and Human Services, Division of Public and Behavioral Health
New Hampshire Jennifer Gornnert jennifer.gornnert@agr.nh.gov (603) 271-2404 Division of Regulatory Services
New Jersey Galen E. Ettinger galen.ettinger@ag.state.nj.us (609) 406-6941 New Jersey Department of Agriculture: Plant Products
New Jersey Peter DeTroia  Peter.DeTroia@doh.nj.gov  (609) 406-6939 Department of Health - Food and Drug Safety Program: Processed Products
New Mexico Dairy Division N/A (505) 841-9425 Dairy Division, Department of Agriculture
New Mexico Feed, Seed, and Fertilizer Section dcatanach@nmda.nmsu.edu (575) 646-3107 Feed, Seed, and Fertilizer Section, Department of Agriculture
New York John Luker john.luker@agriculture.ny.gov   (518) 457-4492 New York State Department of Agriculture and Markets: Processed foods, dairy, animal food
North Carolina Michelle Shallington michelle.shallington@ncagr.gov  (919) 733-7366 ext. 4119 NC Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services
North Dakota Erin Becker Elbecker@nd.gov (701) 328-4883 North Dakota Department of Agriculture; Marketing and Information Division
North Dakota Bonnie Sundby bsundby@nd.gov (701) 328-1974 North Dakota Department of Agriculture; Marketing and Information Division
Ohio Donna Vohsing donna.vohsing@agri.ohio.gov (614) 728-6250 Ohio Department of Agriculture; Division of Food Safety: Processed Foods
Oklahoma Rhonda Keener rhonda.keener@ag.ok.gov (405) 522-6141 Animal Disease Traceability, Import / Export, Health Certificates
Oregon Agricultural Development & Marketing agmarket@oda.state.or.us (503) 872-6636 Agricultural Development & Marketing
Pennsylvania Pamela Hall pamhall@pa.gov (717) 772-3238 Pennsylvania Department of Agriculture; Food Safety and Laboratory Services: Processed foods except meat
Rhode Island n/a n/a n/a n/a
South Carolina Consumer Protection Division ahendrix@scda.sc.gov (803) 737-9690 South Carolina Department of Agriculture
South Dakota Erin Becker Elbecker@nd.gov (701) 328-4883 South Dakota Department of Agriculture
Tennessee Consumer Industry Service and Food and Dairy Division Certificate.freesale@tn.gov (615) 837-5151 Tennessee Department of Agriculture
Texas Dale R. Scott dale.scott@TexasAgriculture.gov (512) 936-2535 Texas Department of Agriculture; Pesticide Products
Texas Foods Group (excluding milk and seafood) foods.regulatory@dshs.state.tx.us (512) 834-6670 Texas Department of State Health Services
Texas Milk and Dairy Group milk.regulatory@dshs.state.tx.us (512) 834-6758 Texas Department of State Health Services
Texas Seafood and Aquatic Life Program seafood.regulatory@dshs.state.tx.us (512) 834-6757 Texas Department of State Health Services
Utah Travis Waller UDAF-FoodSafety@utah.gov (801) 538-7150 Department of Agriculture and Food, Division of Regulatory Services
Vermont Chelsea Lewis Chelsea.Lewis@vermont.gov  (802) 522-5573 Vermont International Food Export Program
Virginia Anne Phillips aphillips@yesvirginia.org (804) 545-5759 Virginia Economic Development Partnership - International Trade
Washington Food Safety and Consumer Services Division fssanitarycerts@agr.wa.gov (360) 902-1876 Washington State Department of Agriculture: All foods except meat products
West Virginia     (304) 558-2206 West Virginia Department of Agriculture: Eggs, seafood, meat, poultry, feed 
West Virginia Walter Ivery walter.m.ivey@wv.gov (304) 356-4272 West Virginia Department of Health and Human Resources; Office of Environmental Health Services: Procsesed Foods
Wisconsin Rick Galbraith DATCPFreeSaleCertificate@wisconsin.gov (608) 224-4712 Wisconsin Department of Agriculture, Trade and Consumer Protection
Wisconsin International Marketing DATCPFeedExport@wisconsin.gov (800) 462-5237 Wisconsin Department of Agriculture, Trade and Consumer Protection: animal food certificate of free sale 
Wisconsin International Marketing DATCPFoodExport@wisconsin.gov  (608) 224-4539 Wisconsin Department of Agriculture, Trade and Consumer Protection: human food certificates of free sale
Wyoming Hank Uhden hank.uhden@wyo.gov (307) 777-7321 Wyoming Department of Agriculture, Technical Services Division: Feed and Feed Ingredients
Wyoming Wes Brown wes.brown@wyo.gov (307) 777-7321 Wyoming Department of Agriculture: Feed and Feed Ingredients
Wyoming Linda Stratton linda.stratton@wyo.gov (307) 777-7321  Wyoming Department of Agriculture, Consumer Health Services: Meat, Dairy, Processed Foods
Wyoming Jon Cecil jon.cecil@wyo.gov (307) 777-7321  Wyoming Department of Agriculture, Consumer Health Services: Meat, Dairy, Processed Foods

Updated 10/11/2016