Agricultural Policy Advisory Committee (APAC)


Committee Charter
Gary Adams National Cotton Council of America
Cynthia Allen Allen Farms
Jared Balcom National Potato Council
Aubrey Bettencourt Almond Alliance
Robert Bishop Livestock Exports Association of America
Chad Blindauer National Corn Growers Association
John Bode Corn Refiners Association
Thomas Chapman Organic Trade Association
Constance Cullman American Feed Industry Association
John Downs National Confectioners Association
Michael Dykes International Dairy Foods Association
William Glen Gordon American Soybean Association
Karis Gutter Corteva Agriscience
Dan Halstrom U.S. Meat Export Federation
Thomas Hammer National Oilseed Processors Association
Bob Hawk The Munger Companies
Richard Hudgins California Canning Peach Association
Michael Joyner Florida Fruit & Vegetable Association
Robert Koch Wine Institute
Andrew LaVigne American Seed Trade Association
Ryan LeGrand U.S. Grains Council
Igalious Mills Texas Agri-Forestry Small Farmers & Ranchers 
James Mulhern National Milk Producers Federation
Richard Owen American Peanut Council
Vince Peterson U.S. Wheat Associates
Julie Anna Potts North American Meat Institute
David Puglia Western Growers
Daniel Raulerson Cranberry Marketing Committee
Kelsey Freeman Saelens Cargill, Inc.
David Salmonsen American Farm Bureau Federation
Randy Spronk National Pork Producers Council 
James Sutter U.S. Soybean Export Council
Kent Swisher North American Renders Association
Rayne Thompson Sunkist 
Gregory Tyler USA Poultry and Egg Export Council
Colin Woodall National Cattlemen's Beef Association