Trade Lead System

The Trade Lead System helps connect U.S. exporters with interested international buyers. After registering, exporters will have access to information about customers worldwide who are seeking to buy U.S. food and agricultural products. The system enables users to search leads by one or more product names or by Harmonized Tariff Schedule (HTS) codes. Once you identify a lead, you can choose how you prefer to respond to it.
You can respond to a lead through the Foreign Agricultural Service (FAS) network of overseas office if you need help with language differences. Or you can chose to work with one of our 70 trade association partners or with your respective State Department of Agriculture. Alternatively, you can elect to work directly and independently with the foreign buyer – i.e., once you make contact, you may go offline to conduct business. The choice is yours!
While these potential customers have registered with the FAS office in their home countries, the U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA) cannot guarantee the accuracy of the information supplied by these international buyers. Nor does the inclusion of these buyers in the system constitute a warranty or endorsement by USDA. FAS's international offices make every effort to assess potential buyers, but it is incumbent upon U.S. exporters to complete their normal due diligence before entering into a contract with these buyers.

Registered Users

Go directly to the Trade Lead System.

New Applicants

Before using the Trade Lead System, you must create a USDA eAuthentication account. Please consult the User Guide for instructions on how to create an account, register in the Trade Lead System, and access leads.  
If you have questions about the Trade Lead System, email or call (202) 401-0150.