India - October 2017

U.S. companies will have a unique opportunity to grow their food and agricultural exports to the world’s second most populous country during the U.S. Department of Agriculture’s trade mission to India October 30-November 3, 2017.

Participants will travel to New Delhi and Mumbai, connecting with potential customers and learning first-hand about local market conditions. In-country staff from USDA’s Foreign Agricultural Service will arrange one-on-one meetings between U.S. delegates and potential customers not just from India, but from Bangladesh and Sri Lanka as well. Participants will also meet with government and industry officials from both India and the United States and will visit local processing facilities and retail outlets. 

Why India?

India is home to nearly 1.3 billion people. The country’s rapidly expanding middle class and rising consumer incomes are driving increased demand for higher-value food and agricultural products, thus offering promising prospects for U.S. exporters.

In 2016, India’s total agricultural imports topped $24 billion, making it the seventh-largest global importer. Top imports include palm oil, pulses, soybean oil, and tree nuts. The United States ranked as India’s seventh-largest supplier last year, accounting for five percent of the country’s agricultural market share.

While India’s high tariffs impede exports of many agricultural products, overall U.S. sales to the country have grown 249 percent over the past decade. They reached nearly $1.3 billion last year, making it the United States’ 17th-largest market. Tree nuts, cotton, pulses, fresh and processed fruits, and prepared foods accounted for more than 80 percent of those exports. India is also a major market for U.S. ethanol exports.

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