Trade Shows

Trade shows in the United States and abroad can help U.S. companies — especially those new to the export market — expand their reach to potential customers around the globe.

Each year, FAS endorses the trade shows that will provide the best international exposure and marketing opportunities for U.S. companies and producers. FAS works with show organizers and other partners to create a “USA Pavilion” to showcase the variety of quality of made-in-America products to potential foreign buyers. FAS also provides participating companies with marketing and promotion services, market intelligence, logistical support, and on-site assistance.

USDA-Endorsed Trade Shows, 2019

2019 trade shows of potential interest to U.S. exporters

Data & Analysis

February 18, 2019
Hong Kong is a major export destination for high-value U.S. food and beverage products to Asia and continues to show strong growth.
February 18, 2019
The Great American Barbecue in Macau successfully promoted Nebraska beef and other U.S. food and beverage products to decision-makers in the Macau food and beverage sectors.
February 18, 2019
Seventeen U.S. exhibitors reported projected 12 month sales of over $105,000 through their participation in the Hong Kong International Wine and Spirits Fair 2018.
February 15, 2019
While tea remains the traditional drink of China, coffee continues to grow in popularity especially in urban areas and among younger professionals.