South Korea: DPRK Food Grains Situation Update in MY 2018-19

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In MY 2018/19, total production of grain and other crops (grain-equivalent basis for potatoes) dropped 12 percent from the previous marketing year to an estimated 4.9 million metric tons (equivalent to 4.17 million metric tons in milled basis for rice, and cereal equivalent basis for soybeans). The production decrease was driven by prolonged dry spells, abnormally high temperatures, floods, and limited supplies of agricultural inputs. Rice production declined to 2.38 million metric tons on a paddy basis (1.4 MMT, milled), down 12 percent from the previous year. Meanwhile, corn production declined to 1.9 million metric tons, down 15 percent due to lower acreage in tandem with lower yields than the previous year. Target consumption of grains and other crops on a grain equivalent basis for MY 2018/19 is estimated at 5.76 million metric tons. Imports and food aid for MY 2018/19 are forecast around 400,000 metric tons, coming almost exclusively from China.

South Korea: DPRK Food Grains Situation Update in MY 2018-19

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Attaché Report (GAIN)

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