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July 28, 2017
Reductions in government support to corn production encouraged Chinese farmers to plant more oilseeds, primarily soybeans.
July 26, 2017
The Philippines is the largest export market in Southeast Asia and the 10th largest in the world for U.S. dog and cat food.
July 19, 2017
Post has lowered its estimate for Australian wheat production to 22 million MT for 2017/18, due to expectantly poor seasonal conditions across almost all cropping areas.
July 19, 2017
This report is an overview of Japan’s general legal and technical requirements for food and agricultural imports.
July 18, 2017
China’s MY 2017/18 peach and nectarine production is forecast at 14.3 million metric tons, up nearly two percent year-on-year from 2016/2017.
July 17, 2017
On December 21, 2015, AQSIQ released an updated revision of the “Implementation Catalogue for Registration of Overseas Manufacturers of Imported Food”....
July 15, 2017
On July 11, 2017, Japan’s Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries (MAFF) published a list of 71 proposed geographical indications....
July 14, 2017
Export prices declined to the same price levels as seen in mid-May.
July 13, 2017
U.S. beef is back in China! After a nearly 14-year hiatus, Chinese consumers are again sinking their teeth into high-quality, safe, delicious U.S. beef.
July 12, 2017
South China meat imports jump…Upcoming opportunities for U.S. exporters to meet with South China food and craft beer importers and consumers, as well as hides & skins importers…
July 12, 2017
Post estimates Vietnam’s wheat imported volume for MY 2016/2017 at 5.5 million tons due mainly to the competitive price of feed wheat.
July 10, 2017
Effective on June 12, 2017, the Thai FDA has established maximum levels (MLs) of Annatto Extracts (INS160b(i) and INS160(ii)) for certain dairy products.
July 10, 2017
Export prices declined three to four percent due to a lack of new inquiries following uncertainties about the sale of government stocks.
July 6, 2017
A number of Cooperators held promotional events in May 2017, including the California Olive Oil Council, which is the most recent Cooperator to arrive in the Japanese market.
July 6, 2017
FAS/Tokyo team visited the largest manufacturing plant of Kewpie Co. Ltd., a major food manufacturer in Japan.
July 5, 2017
Based on ATO Hong Kong advocacy, the Hong Kong Government agreed to definitively establish the effective ban date for U.S. poultry product imports subject to an avian influenza ban....
July 5, 2017
Hong Kong recently implemented a voluntary Code of Marketing of Formula Milk and Related Products and Food Products for Infants and Young Children (HK Code) aimed at promoting breastfeeding....
July 5, 2017
Hong Kong intends to strengthen its metallic contamination control in food by amending its obsolete Food Adulteration (Metallic Contamination) Regulations which was last updated in 1983.
July 5, 2017
Thirty five U.S. exhibitors showcased 255 new products at Hong Kong’s leading food and beverage trade show, establishing over 500 serious contacts, reporting on-site sales of $1.56 million....
July 4, 2017
In an effort to encourage production diversion from table rice, Japan’s Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries (MAFF) has been incentivizing production of rice for flour.