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The Hong Kong market is signaling good prospects for organic products.
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Taiwan: Taiwan Thirsts for High-end Whiskey

In 2021, Taiwan's whiskey imports reached $553 million, up 19 percent compared to 2020. The United States ranks as the third-largest supplier with a two-percent market share,
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China: Sugar Annual

MY 2021/22 estimates for production, trade, and consumption are all revised downward.
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Mexico: Sugar Annual

Mexico sugar production and exports are forecasted forecasted marginally higher for 2022/23.
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Vietnam: Rice Trade - Monthly

This report provides trade data on Vietnam's monthly rice exports by grade and destination and weekly export quotes for rice by grade.
Through its phased-in tariff reductions, the agreement will raise challenges for U.S. products including wine and spirits, cotton, pulses and beans, forest products, and tree nuts.
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El Salvador: Sugar Annual

Improving international prices have eased the financial pressure exerted by the COVID-19 pandemic on the sugar sector, but inflationary concerns have led the government to include sugar among the products with import duties reduced to zero percent for a one-year period.
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Serbia: Grain and Feed Annual

Serbia is closely following the impact of the Russian-Ukrainian crisis, especially because 80 percent of Serbia’s grain exports travel to the world via Black Sea ports.
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Chile: Grain and Feed Annual

Post forecasts increases in wheat and corn production for the 2022/23 marketing year.
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Canada: Grain and Feed Annual

In marketing year (MY) 2022/23, production of grains is forecast to increase 30 percent year-over-year on an increase in area planted to spring wheat, durum, and oats, and on the assumption of improved soil moisture conditions resulting in higher yields. However, dry conditions persist in Alberta and Western Saskatchewan and many farmers are behind in their planting schedule, due to unfavorable planting conditions.
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Egypt: Sugar Annual

Egypt maintains a steady production of sugarcane, however sugar beet production areas are expanding. FAS Cairo (Post) forecasts refined sugar production in marketing year (MY) 2022/23 to increase by approximately 2.5 percent, or 70,000 metric tons (MT), to reach 2.92 million metric tons (MMT).
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Thailand: Rice Price - Weekly

Despite the weakening of the Thai baht to a four-month low, rice export prices increased 1-3 percent as exporters sought rice supplies to fulfill contracted shipments.