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China will continue to collect countervailing (CVD) and antidumping (AD) duty duties on imported Distiller’s Dried Grains with or without Solubles (DDGS) from the United States for five more years.
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Philippines: Distilled Spirits Market Brief

The United States is among the top five suppliers of distilled spirits to the Philippines, supplying mostly whiskey. Philippine importation of U.S. distilled spirits in 2021 dropped to $4.6 million, 42 percent lower than the pre-pandemic level.
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Philippines: Wine Market Brief

For the past two decades, the United States has been the leading supplier of wines to the Philippines. In 2021, U.S. wine exports to the Philippines soared to a record $20 million (3.8 million liters at an average cost of $5.20 per liter) as consumers temporarily traded up to more expensive wines during the coronavirus lockdown.
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Philippines: Brewing Ingredients and Beer Market Brief

Prospects for U.S. brewing ingredients remain strong amidst a robust local beer manufacturing industry. Beer is the most widely consumed alcoholic beverage in the Philippines, accounting for 72 percent of total alcohol consumption or 2.1 billion liters annually. Export prospects in the region are especially strong because of the country’s membership in various free trade agreements and its strategic location.
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Taiwan: Taiwan Thirsts for High-end Whiskey

In 2021, Taiwan's whiskey imports reached $553 million, up 19 percent compared to 2020. The United States ranks as the third-largest supplier with a two-percent market share,
FAS and the U.S. Grains Council (USGC) in China worked together to educate, train, and promote Chinese breweries on how to use U.S. craft beer ingredients including hops and barely malts. Although U.S. hops and barley malts are priced higher than competitors, brewers have increasingly sought out U.S. ingredients for their high quality and stable supply.
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China: China Beer Market Overview

China is a leading beer market in terms of both production and consumption. However, in recent years China’s beer market has stagnated. Although U.S. beer accounts for a very small percentage of China’s imported beers, exports to China enjoy a good reputation.
Japan’s National Tax Agency (NTA) published a list of 10 proposed geographical indications (GIs) for alcoholic beverages from the United Kingdom. NTA will accept public comments on the proposal through March 22, 2022.
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Japan: Malt Market Overview and TRQ Administration Update

Japan imports approximately 500,000 metric tons of malt annually, which accounts for nearly 90 percent of total demand. While overall beer consumption is declining, malt demand is expected to rebound from a down year in 2020 and steadily grow in subsequent years, reflecting strong demand for malt in craft beer and whiskey production.
The Thai Excise Department approved the use of the APEC Model Wine Export Certificate for U.S. wine exports and the U.S. Alcohol and Tobacco Tax and Trade Bureau’s (TTB) Certificate of Sanitation for U.S. beer and distilled spirit exports to Thailand with specific attestation.
Despite its small size, New Zealand is already an important market for alcoholic beverages and ingredients from the United States.
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Taiwan: Craft Beer Festival Proves Market Potential

The first-ever U.S. Craft Beer Festival organized by ATO Taipei turned out a huge audience and connected online and offline success.