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November 24, 2017
Trade Shows have buyers, distributors, are cost-effective, provide market research and product testing.
November 3, 2017
The below average winter rainfall received in 2017 and the low dam levels (about thirty percent) in the drought stricken Western Cape, will severely impact the availability of irrigation water....
November 2, 2017
Post forecasts that South Africa will export about 2 million tons of corn in the 2017/18 MY, drawing on a relatively large carry-over stock from the 2016/17 MY.
November 1, 2017
Currently, broiler production in South Africa is under pressure due to the outbreak of highly pathogenic avian influenza (H5N8).
October 23, 2017
South Africa serves as the perfect entry point to doing business in the Sub-Saharan African region.
October 16, 2017
This is Post`s first report on the South African blueberry industry.
October 6, 2017
The South African sugar industry is expected to recover from the previous seasons’ drought following the normal rainfall and weather patterns in the 2017/18 MY.
September 25, 2017
As a result of the historically high corn crop, South Africa returned to being a net exporter of corn in the 2016/17 MY....
September 22, 2017
South Africa announced a new wheat import tariff of R379.34 per ton on September 8, 2017.
September 8, 2017
Post estimates that South African pork imports will increase marginally by about 2.5 percent annually, reaching about 32,000 tons cwe in 2017 and 33,000 tons cwe in 2018.
August 9, 2017
On July 24, 2017, the Namibian Ministry of Agriculture, Water and Forestry (MWAF) announced that it had relaxed the import suspension of poultry and poultry products from South Africa....
August 3, 2017
South Africa should return to being a net exporter of corn in the 2017/18 MY and 2016/17 MY on higher production after South Africa had to import 2.2 million tons of corn in the 2015/16 MY....
August 3, 2017
Post forecasts that raisin production will increase by one percent to 62,500 MT in the 2017/18 MY, from 62,000 MT in the 2016/17 MY, based on the increase in area planted....
July 31, 2017
Zimbabwe’s corn crop for the 2017/18 MY is estimated at around 2.2 million tons, up more than 300 percent from the 2016/17 MY’s corn crop of 512,000 tons.
July 25, 2017
The outbreak of highly pathogenic avian influenza in South Africa led to Southern African countries, including Botswana, Malawi, Mozambique, Namibia, Zambia and Zimbabwe suspending....
July 4, 2017
The 2016/17 MY production of citrus is estimated to increase as the country recovers from drought in the main growing regions.
June 19, 2017
On April 10, 2017, the International Trade Administration Commission of South Africa announced that it has initiated a sunset review of the anti-dumping duties on frozen bone-in chicken from the U.S.
June 9, 2017
On April 7, 2017, the South African (SA) Ministry of Health published a government notice (No. 40772) inviting the public to comment on the amendments....
June 9, 2017
On May 18, 2017, the South African Ministry of Health invited further comments or inputs on the Draft Regulations relating to maximum levels of metals in foodstuffs.
May 29, 2017
The deciduous fruit industry in South Africa showed some resilience by defying the drought conditions.