Egypt reversed the widely criticized mandate by the Central Bank of Egypt for importers to utilize a process where letters of credit would substitute the long-established cash-against-documents process.
On October 12, 2021, the United States and Morocco completed a sanitary certificate for exports of U.S. live aquatic animals to Morocco. The completion of this certificate offers new opportunities for U.S. exporters of live aquatic animals intended for farming.
On March 14, 2022, under the Egyptian prime minister's direction, the General Organization for Veterinary Services (GOVS) distributed a letter with instructions for its veterinary posts across the country.
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Israel: Israeli Food Supply Chain

Israel is highly dependent on agricultural and food imports. Due to its limited arable land and water resources, the country’s dependence will only increase.
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Morocco: FAIRS Annual Country Report Annual

This report outlines Moroccan government requirements for the importation of food and agricultural products for human and animal consumption. The report aims to assist U.S. exporters by providing an assessment of laws and requirements for food and agricultural products imposed on imports. It also provides points of contact for key Moroccan government authorities.
This report includes the unofficial translation of a notice to importers issued by the Moroccan food safety authority (ONSSA) regarding the suspension of the import of ornamental plants and parts of plants from countries infested with Xylella fastidiosa.
Israel adopts EU regulations, stating the requirements in Europe in terms of chemical and biological contaminants (excluding listeria and salmonella) and pesticide residues, with certain exceptions.
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Egypt: Updates on Egypt's Halal Requirements

The Egyptian Halal Standard Committee completed a first draft of the Halal standard on February 16, 2022. This committee is headed by the Ministry of Trade’s Organization for Standardization (EOS) and includes members of other ministries as well as private sector representatives.
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Egypt: An Overview of the Aquaculture Industry in Egypt

Egyptian aquaculture has witnessed a spectacular and rapid development over the past seven years. This increase is such that the country is now number one in Africa, number six worldwide in aquaculture production, and number three in tilapia production globally, becoming an important contributor to Egypt’s food security and economy.
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Morocco: Morocco's 2022 FTA Tariff Schedule - Public

This report replaces the report number MO2022-0003. The tariff rates for lentils and chickpeas have been updated based on new information from the Ministry of Agriculture.
In October 1, 2021, Egypt launched the Advanced Clearance Information system (ACI). Traders must register within the designated platforms (CargoX for exporters and ACI for importers). The ID number developed through the upload of the shipment’s documents on the platform called ACID and is required on all shipment documents.
In October 1, 2021, Egypt launched the Advanced Clearance Information system (ACI). The newly developed customs system was initially launched in a trial mode on April 1, 2021 and was officially launched in October.