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The Philippine Department of Energy recently revised its biofuel accreditation guidelines through the issuance of Department Circular No. 2021-06-0014 in order to better ensure compliance with the country’s Biofuels Act.
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Brazil: A New Model for the Biodiesel Market

On December 30, 2020, the Brazilian National Biodiesel Production Program (CNPE) issued Resolution #14 with guidelines to implement a new market environment for biodiesel trade, which should replace the current biodiesel public auctions.
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Indonesia: Biofuels Annual

Indonesia has maintained its nationwide biodiesel program with a high on-road blending rate average of 30 percent nationwide since 2020, despite the financial challenge of supporting a widening price spread between palm oil and diesel prices during the COVID-19 pandemic.
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Colombia: Biofuels Annual

In 2021, Colombia's fuel ethanol production is estimated to decrease to 370 million liters in response to a lower blend mandate despite partial recovery in the fuel pool.
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European Union: Biofuels Annual

In 2020, the COVID-19 outbreak cut EU gasoline and diesel use by 13.0 and 9.4 percent, respectively.
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India: Biofuels Annual

India’s 2021 average ethanol blending rate in gasoline is estimated at 7.5 percent due to curtailed fuel pools from the COVID-19 pandemic and accelerated government efforts to divert more feedstock toward ethanol.
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New Zealand: New Zealand Proposes Biofuels Mandate

The New Zealand Government is proposing to introduce a sustainably-produced biofuels mandate for transport fuels in New Zealand.
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Philippines: Biodiesel Standards Under Consideration

The Philippines’ Department of Energy has issued an advisory on draft standards for biodiesel blends
This report provides an overview of the biofuel use mandates in EU-27 member states and the United Kingdom. It supplements the EU Biofuels Annual Report 2021.
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Thailand: Biofuels Annual

Biofuel consumption is expected to remain below target due to the prolonged outbreak of COVID-19 in 2021.
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Japan: Industrial Ethanol Market

This report details trade flows of industrial ethanol to Japan,, where the United States has a limited market share.
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Ecuador: Sugar Annual

As Ecuador's sugar supply and demand find an equilibrium, ethanol production and a possible increase in the ethanol blend rate could help to absorb some excess sugar supply.