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Venezuelan milk production reached 1.5 billion litres in 2021, just a 2 percent increase from 2020. The formal dairy industry processed 12 percent of this output, only working at 20 percent of their capacity, due to the collapse of the market and Venezuelan consumers favoring artisanal cheeses.
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New Zealand: Dairy and Products Semi-annual

New Zealand milk production is forecast to fall in 2022 as a result of continued dry conditions in key producing areas, high feed prices, a smaller dairy herd, and continued labor shortages.
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Australia: Dairy and Products Semi-annual

Milk production in Australia in 2022 is forecast to decrease by over four percent to 8.6 million metric tons (MMT). Despite generally good production conditions for 2022, the slump in milk production is largely due farmers continuing to exit the dairy industry through farm sales and some dairy farms partially or fully transitioning to less labor-intensive beef cattle production.
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Japan: MAFF Announces Dairy TRQs for JFY 2022

On April 1, Japan’s Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries (MAFF) announced tariff-rate quota (TRQ) volumes for dairy products that will be open during Japanese Fiscal Year (JFY) 2022 (April to March). The announcement includes quotas for...
The Japanese government announced they would reduce planned imports of butter to 7,600 metric tons (MT) in Japanese fiscal year (JFY) 2022 from 9,500 MT in the previous year while maintaining nonfat dry milk imports at 750 MT.
This report outlines updated plant and label registration guidance for U.S. dairy product exporters to Brazil. The USDA Foreign Agricultural Service Office of Agricultural Affairs (OAA) Brasília will continue to provide assistance for U.S. plant registration in Brazil, however, U.S. dairy product exporters will be responsible for product label registration in Brazil.
On March 14, 2022, under the Egyptian prime minister's direction, the General Organization for Veterinary Services (GOVS) distributed a letter with instructions for its veterinary posts across the country.
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Japan: Livestock and Products Semi-annual

Cattle stocks are projected to expand in 2022 as slaughter slowed in late 2021. In the dairy sector, cow slaughter is likely to increase in 2022 to lower excess milk production.
This report focuses on Japan’s cheese market and the potential for continued growth. In 2020, the United States exported over $162 million of cheese products to Japan, making Japan the third largest overseas market for American cheese. Cheese...
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Cote d'Ivoire: Dairy and Derived Products Import Guide

This report provides information on the steps needed to export dairy products to Cote d’Ivoire.
On January 19, 2022, Health Canada published a marketing authorization allowing manufacturers to voluntarily increase vitamin D levels in cow's milk, goat's milk and margarine.
On January 31, 2022, Mexico published in its Federal Gazette (the Diario Oficial) the final draft of the cheese conformity assessment procedure (CAP) under "NOM-223-SCFI/SAGARPA-2018, Cheese".