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As of October 18, 2021, Poland will temporarily suspend veterinary inspections on consignments of food of animal origin in the border control post Kukuryki-Koroszczyn on the Polish-Belarussian border, as renovation works will commence.
This report provides an overview of EU food and feed legislation currently in force for the EU. USDA Foreign Agricultural Service (FAS) staff reviewed and updated all sections of this annual report.
The UK's post-COVID recovery enabled its hospitality sector gradual progress in the early summer of 2021, only to face more difficulty by mid-year.
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European Union: FAIRS Export Certificate Report Annual

This guide provides an overview of health certificates needed for exporting plants, animals, foods and other animal origin products to the European Union.
Hotel, restaurant, and institutional (HRI) foodservice industry sales in the Netherlands in 2020 were valued at nearly $9.9 billion, down by more than one-third when compared to 2019, because of the closure of many outlets for a prolonged period due to the coronavirus pandemic.
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Spain: Food Service - Hotel Restaurant Institutional

The impact of the COVID-19 health crisis on the Spanish Hotel, Restaurant and Institutional (HRI) sector has been nothing short of devastating.
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Germany: Food Service - Hotel Restaurant Institutional

With more than 83 million of the world’s wealthiest consumers, Germany is the largest market for food and agricultural products in the European Union.
Eager to put the COVID-19 pandemic behind it, the Caribbean is doing all it can to attract visitors and kick-start its tourism sector in 2021.
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Italy: Food Service - Hotel Restaurant Institutional

This report gives an overview of the food service – hotel, restaurant, and institutional sectors in Italy and outlines current market trends, including best product prospects.
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Ukraine: Health and Nutritional Claims for Food Products

This report lists Ukraine’s requirements for health and nutritional claims that are allowed for domestically produced and imported food products.
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Ukraine: Ukrainian Governmental Policies on Climate Change

Ukraine has ambitions regarding combating climate change at the level of its laws and regulations.
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Croatia: Exporter Guide

Croatia imports a significant amount of food to meet domestic demand. Continuing economic reforms resulting from EU accession and growing tourism make Croatia a potential market for certain U.S. food products, such as seafood, pet food, wine, and tree nuts.