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On September 29, 2021, the General Directorate of Internal Tax (DGII) of the Dominican Republic (DR) issued Regulation 07-21 implementing the Fiscal Control and Traceability System for Alcoholic Beverages and Cigars (TRAFICO) to tackle illicit trade and tax evasion in the alcoholic beverage and cigarette sectors.
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Brazil: Dairy and Products Annual

Post forecasts that milk production in 2022 will reduce about five percent, to 23.7 million metric tons (MMT), while in 2023 it is expected to grow around 3.6 percent, reaching 24.5 MMT. Milk consumption in Brazil is expected to fall around four percent, but recover in 2023 by three percent.
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Ecuador: Retail Foods

The retail industry is an important component of Ecuador’s economy. The 2022 forecasts for retail food sales is $24.9 billion and for consumer expenditures on food, beverages, and tobacco is $15.9 billion. Excellent sales prospects exist for U.S. food products to supply this sector.
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Canada: Dairy and Products Annual

FAS/Canada projects modest growth for milk and cheese production in 2023, as consumption remains stable, and the market is partially supplied by rising import volumes following implementation of Canada’s various trade agreements. Butter production is forecast to grow in 2023, as stocks remain low, depleted by sustained strong consumption.
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Mexico: Dairy and Products Annual

Even as Mexico's consumers face high core and food inflation, post sees both overall dairy production and imports rising in 2023. Mexico’s milk and cheese production is forecast to rise in 2023 due to increased investments in dairy operations in key producing areas.
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Chile: Dairy and Products Annual

In marketing year (MY) 2022, rainfall during the winter was abundant favoring pasture production in the southern regions of Los Lagos and Los Rios. As a result, Chilean production of milk powders increased significantly in recent months, and are expected to remain high during the remainder of the marketing year.
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Argentina: Dairy and Products Annual

2022 Argentine dairy production is projected at the same level with respect to 2021 or with a drop of less than one percent year-on-year to 11.495,000 MT, due to abnormally dry and warm weather during the first half of the year which is expected to continue until the end of the year. Post forecasts Whole Milk Powder (WMP) production to rise to 245,000 MT in a recessionary domestic market with stable production compared to 2021, which would result in a higher export balance.
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El Salvador: Retail Foods

The retail sector in El Salvador has remained strong and stable, with new outlets opening and new online shopping options. Super Selectos is the largest supermarket chain, followed by Walmart which in January 2022 announced it is considering the sale of its outlet stores in El Salvador. Imports of U.S. consumer-oriented products reached a record-high of $267 million in 2021.
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Canada: Retail Foods

Canada is the largest overseas market for U.S. high-value, consumer-oriented products, with exports reaching nearly $18 billion in 2021 – representing 23 percent of the total value of U.S. consumer-oriented exports worldwide, more than doubling the value of the next largest market.
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Colombia: Retail Foods

During 2021, the Colombian retail sector recovered and grew, following a challenging year caused by the COVID-19 pandemic. Looking ahead, the sector’s growth is uncertain due to high food prices and a new administration that will assume power in August 2022.
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Caribbean Basin: Retail Foods

The Caribbean retail grocery sector continued on the upswing in 2021. The region increased its imports of consumer-oriented agricultural products by 14 percent in 2021, reaching an estimated $2.45 billion. The outlook calls for moderate growth as the region continues on the path to recovery from the COVID-19 pandemic and markets such as Guyana and Turks and Caicos Islands emerge as larger players in the regional context.
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Guatemala: Retail Foods

Supermarkets, hypermarkets, and independent food stores, continue expanding in Guatemala; imports of U.S. consumer-oriented products have continued to grow and in 2021, the value of these products reported a record year of $637 million.