On January 20, the Government of Chile declared a state of emergency and requested international assistance to combat wildfires that took place in the regions of Biobio, La Araucania, Los Lagos....
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Chile: Chile Bans Brazil Meat and Poultry Imports

Minister of Agriculture Carlos Furche took immediate actions on March 20th to suspend all imports of Brazilian pork, poultry and beef due to the recent scandal surrounding adulterated beef....
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Chile: FAIRS Export Certificate Report

This report updates import certification requirements that companies need to export their agricultural products to Chile.
Secretary of Agriculture Thomas Vilsack’s March 13-16 visit to Lima invigorated the $3 billion U.S.- Peru bilateral agricultural trade relationship, reopening the Peruvian market to U.S. beef.
Graphic illustrating the growth of U.S. agricultural and related product exports to Chile between 2000 - 2015.
Graphic illustrating the growth of U.S. agricultural and related product exports to Peru between 2000-2015.
International Agricultural Trade Report

Growing Opportunities for U.S. Agricultural Exporters in Chile and Peru

South America is one of the fastest-growing world regions for exports of U.S. farm and food products, and Chile and Peru are among the most rapidly growing markets in the region.
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Peru: Exporter Guide

The U.S.-Peru Trade Promotion Agreement (PTPA) has significantly benefitted U.S.-origin food and agricultural product exports to Peru.
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Peru: FAIRS Country Report

This report outlines Peru’s regulatory requirements for food and agricultural product imports.
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Peru: FAIRS Export Certificate Report

This report identifies Peru’s import requirements for foreign export certificates, highlighting current procedures and relevant oversight agencies.
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Chile: FAIRS Country Report

The Ministry of Health published in the Official Gazette the new regulation for the Nutritional Labeling of Food.
International Agricultural Trade Report

Free Trade Agreements Boost U.S. Farm Exports to South America

U.S. agricultural exports to South America nearly doubled in the past four years, reaching a record of more than $8 billion in calendar year 2014.