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Japan invites public comments on the newly developed Japanese Agricultural Standards (JAS) for textured soy protein products. Textured Soy Protein Products include soy meat (soybean-based alternative meat products with no animal-derived ingredients)...
Damage to port facilities in New Orleans during Hurricane Ida caused significant delays to shipments of U.S. feed grains to Costa Rica, where the poultry, pork, and dairy sectors rely almost exclusively on U.S. suppliers.
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Bulgaria: Oilseeds and Products Market Update

FAS Sofia adjusts upwards Bulgarian rapeseed production in marketing (MY) 2021/22 to 376,000 metric tons (MT), 35 percent higher than in the previous season, as per the final harvest results.
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China: Oilseeds and Products Update

China’s soybean imports in marketing year (MY) 20/21 hit a record 99.8 million metric tons (MMT) on high feed demand in the swine and poultry sectors.
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Brazil: Oilseeds and Products Update

Post increased its forecast for soybean planted area to 40.5 million hectares for 2021/22, up from 39 million hectares in 2020/21.
On October 1, 2021, Mexico published a tariff rate quota (TRQ) applicable to soybean imports from all trading partners, which took effect immediately and will be in force through December 31, 2021.
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Argentina: Oilseeds and Products Update

Post lowers its MY 2021/22 projected planted area for soybeans to 17.0 million hectares. This reduction of 500,000 hectares will translate to total projected production of 49.7 million metric tons, 2.3 million metric tons below the USDA Official estimate.
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Malaysia: Oilseeds and Products Update

Post is adjusting its MY 2021/22 crude palm oil (CPO) production forecast down 1.5 million metric tons (MT) from the USDA Official estimate to 18.2 million MT.
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Vietnam: Oilseeds and Products Update

Vietnam continues to struggle through its fourth Covid-19 outbreak which began in May 2021. The latest, and most severe outbreak has negatively affected the livestock and aquaculture sectors, as well as total feed demand due to strict government regulations and restrictions.
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Turkey: Oilseeds and Products Update

Turkey’s marketing year (MY) 2021/22 sunflower seed area and production is estimated at 760,000 hectares and 1.75 million metric tons (MMT) respectively.
On September 3, 2021, India’s Ministry of Commerce and Industry/Directorate General of Foreign Trade (DGFT), issued Notification No. 23/2015-2020 pertaining to the “Inclusion of Ports of Import in Continuation to Notification No. 20/2015-20 (August 24, 2021).”
On September 13, 2021, India’s Ministry of Commerce and Industry/Directorate General of Foreign Trade (DGFT), published Notification No. 25/2015-2020, clarifying that it is authorizing the import of consignments of soybean meal and soy cake derived from genetically engineered (GE) soybeans with a bill of lading or lorry (truck) receipt date issued on or before October 31, 2021.