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Burma: Agricultural Biotechnology Annual

There are no significant developments to convey since the previous report from October 2020. Although Burma (also called Myanmar) does not yet have a comprehensive biosafety legislation, the final version of the National Biosafety Framework and Biosafety Guidelines are completed and pending approval.
Attaché Report (GAIN)

Australia: Agricultural Biotechnology Annual

The Australian federal government is supportive of biotechnology and has committed considerable long-term funding to research and development.
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Japan: Agricultural Biotechnology Annual

This report provides the latest status of consumption, regulation, public perception, research, development, production, and use of agricultural biotechnology in Japan.
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New Zealand: Agricultural Biotechnology Annual

There have been no recent significant official changes to the genetically engineered (GE) policies established by the New Zealand government.
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Thailand: Agricultural Biotechnology Annual

The Ministry of Natural Resources and Environment (MONRE) has yet to send the draft Biodiversity Law, which includes biosafety regulations covering research, field trial, and commercialization for genetically engineered plant, animal, and microorganisms, to the Cabinet for approval.
Attaché Report (GAIN)

Vietnam: Agricultural Biotechnology Annual

In 2021, Vietnam completed its approvals for the outstanding product applications for food and feed import. Vietnam continues to benefit from biotech corn as a sustainable tool in the fight against fall army worm (FAW) and increased the production area to more than one hundred thousand hectares (ha) in 2020/2021.
Hong Kong traders complain about ongoing issues with global shipping logistics and resulting disruptions on supply chains.
This report is an update on U.S. Government efforts to inform industry and facilitate trade as China prepares to implement Decrees 248 and 249. FAS China will continue to provide information on the implementation of the decrees as it becomes available.
Given the small scale of urban farming in Japan, urban agricultural production is unlikely to impact U.S. agricultural priorities in Japan but may offer limited opportunities for exports of specific U.S. commodities.
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Thailand: Rice Price - Weekly

Rice export prices of most grades of rice increased 1-2 percent.
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Vietnam: Coffee Semi-annual

Posts revised its forecast of Vietnam coffee production for marketing year 2021/2022 (MY21/22) up to 31.1 million bags, green bean equivalent (GBE), on improved weather conditions that supported yields.
Attaché Report (GAIN)

Indonesia: Coffee Semi-annual

Coffee production is revised down slightly to 10.58 million (60 kilogram) bags in 2021/22 on lower yields due to unfavorable weather in northern Sumatera, as well as southern Sumatera’s experiencing an off-crop year.